It goes without saying that Rachel is a role model for my daughter - with her unique ability to teach, inspire, and connect - all at the same time. Rachel has more than the technical ability to teach a student how to read music and play the piano. She inspires my daughter to find her passion. Through her own writing and playing, she leads by example. She is supportive of my daughter with gentle, yet firm, feedback which encourages - not discourages. She is understanding of life's interruptions and focuses always on moving my daughter forward. She laughs with her. She connects with her. She inspires my daughter to take risks and find her passion in music.
-Jayne S.

We are touched by Rachel's sincere teaching style. Clearly direct, compassionate and driven for success is what I see in her as a teacher. Thank you for instilling healthy skills for our daughter.  She's remarkable to us and we are grateful for Rachel showing her how to be confident in making beautiful music that brings her family to tears.
-Angela S.

Rachel is an excellent piano teacher for anyone seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in piano studies. Her willingness to do whatever was necessary for my daughter to advance her skills as well as her love for piano was touching. Rachel goes above and beyond! Her expertise and personality are a perfect combination for anyone's success. Had we not moved out of state we would definitely still be taking advantage of having Rachel close by!
-Melaura C.

Rachel was such an encouraging teacher. She taught me many valuable things about technique and interpretation while playing piano. She helped me grow in my knowledge of scales and cadences, which are the building blocks of advanced piano training. I'm very grateful for her influence and inspiration. It's because of her teaching that I was able to learn advanced piano skills and continue learning at Schoolcraft College. Rachel is wonderful at preparing her students to use their skills to the best of their ability. She has a great personality for teaching piano!
-Joy H. (former student)

Our daughter had been an active piano student (level 1 finalist at Cincinnati World Piano Competition, etc) but had to quit for some time when we moved. We were selective about finding a new teacher. Since we found Rachel, our daughter has been enjoying piano as much as ever, and has learned some of her new favorite pieces.
-David N.