CD: A Spark of Inspiration

This CD was released on May 19, 2014. It includes my favorite Classical piano pieces along with my own compositions. It is available for sale at CDbaby and ITunes

From the album notes:
I am a classical pianist who loves to just sit down and doodle at the piano. This CD, A Spark of Inspiration, is a culmination of my college years. It includes the best from the classical pieces I have studied as well as my own compositions. Each one started with a small spark, which took perseverance, creativity, and even struggle to catch fire and turn into a flame big enough to spread light. The pieces I composed each had their own story – some igniting in a quick flash, some surviving for many years as smoldering embers until a new, fresh spark of inspiration kindled them into full light. The Classical compositions also contained sparks that only awoke when I poured my heart and soul into them.

Rachel Lowrance: A Spark of Inspiration

Rachel Ann Hess's Compositions:

I wrote this piano piece over the course of this summer - a very beautiful time in my life. It starts out like a quiet sunrise, which quickly progresses into a simple re-occuring melody. Like a journey, this melody flows through highs and lows, always overflowing with an undercurrent of joy.

Sheet music coming soon!