(originally posted 8/3/15)

This past year I have been working on an intensive project in order to become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM). The project includes analyzing intermediate pieces from four eras of music history, answering ethical questions about piano teaching, videoing and analyzing my own teaching, and more. I finally compiled all of this and sent it to MTNA headquarters this last April. And at the end of July I received the notification that they have approved my certification. I am now officially a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music!

I am so excited to be continuing this new year of teaching with this stamp of approval on my teaching. I am glad I have the opportunity not only to do what I love as my job, but also to do it well. I want to always continue to grow and hold myself to a high standard. It is a great encouragement to students to see their teacher willing to learn just like they do! 

I thought you might enjoy listening to the piece I recorded as a part of this certification. It is Debussy's Sunken Cathedral Prelude, which is one of my favorite pieces by Debussy. I also recorded it for my CD, but this recording allows you to get a glimpse of my studio. I hope you enjoy!