About Rachel Ann Hess

Hello! My name is Rachel Ann Hess, and I am delighted that you are considering me as a teacher for your child. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

First, my credentials. I have a degree in Piano Pedagogy (piano teaching) from Cedarville University. I have been teaching piano lessons for over twelve years, and taking piano lessons for over seventeen years. I am also a part of MTNA (Music Teacher's National Association), and a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. 

My biggest emphasis is on teaching my students how to play the piano in the most ergonomic, effortless way possible. I'm passionate about this because in college I experienced a lot of pain and difficulty from a poor technique and and an incorrect knowledge of how my body and the piano should work together. I read up on the Lister-Sink Method, the BodyMapping technique as well as the Alexander technique in order to correct my former habits and get rid of the pain, and today I play the piano with a much more natural, graceful technique. It has truly set me free to express myself through the music. 

I do not want my own students to get to the point where playing the piano is painful before they realize they need to change. So I am careful to lay the right technical foundation with my students that will enable them to play the piano with ease, power, and artistry. I want them to be able to express the music that is inside them freely, without any pain or discomfort getting in the way. The ability to make beautiful music can serve a person well their whole lives, whether they pursue music as a career or simply as a way to create something meaningful. 

Music is one of the biggest passions in my life, and I love sharing it with others. So you'll also find me playing the piano at my church, playing for weddings, creating and recording music with friends, and dabbling in other instruments (such as voice, violin and guitar).  I perform at different gigs across the Metro Detroit area and am available as an accompanist for individuals or choirs. I also love to write, and I have written a few articles relating to music for scholarly journals. Check out my music page to hear my CD and see videos of my performances

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